Our sunflowers have been very productive this year! The heads are drooping under their weight, and our tallest one comes in at about 10′ 4″.

A very happy bee.

This one is almost ready for drying. We’ll have to keep an eye on it and claim it before the birds do!

I’m only 5’4″ – it’s fun to know the tallest one is almost TWICE my height!!


Winter Garden Planning

It’s the middle of winter, but I have spring greens on the brain. I can’t stop thinking about that newly tilled and expanded garden sitting under that layer of snow.

That fresh  upturned soil, I can’t wait to dig into it. Anyone want to share their choices for their garden this year? This is what we’re thinking of:
     String beans- “Provider” (new to us)
     Dry beans- “Jacob’s Cattle” (new to us)
     Carrots- “Danvers”
     Swiss Chard- “Ruby Red”
     Cucumbers- “National Pickling”
     Potatoes- “Red Norland” (new to us)
     Pumpkins- “New England Pie” (new to us)
     Turnip- “Joan Rutabaga”
     Purple Coneflower (new to us)

It looks like we’re trying a lot of new stuff this year, but we’re keeping all the successful crops from last year and replacing the not so lucky crops with the new guys. Plus, we have a lot more room than last year and look forward to working with more.

Team Violette-Giroux hard at work this past fall. I think they probably doubled the size of last year’s plot. You can see we don’t have a lot of space to work with (the large fields are not ours) but it’s more than what some people have, so we are working to make the best of it. Our first year was a rough one, but it hasn’t scared us away!

Photo Update

Fall is closing in on us and I couldn’t be happier. I love summer, who doesn’t, but I’m not afraid to shout it out that fall is my favorite season. My husband thinks I’m nuts because I love a season that ushers in the endless winter, but that’s not true! I love autumn in and of itself. I love the colors, the smells, the activities, the food, I love it all. But before we get there, I figured I’d give an update of other summer photos I have not yet gotten around to.

Full Sunflower

Our first opened sunflower

Cilantro Seeds 1 
Drying and harvesting my own cilantro seeds (not sure if the seeds will be viable, but we’ll see)

Jamming in the kitchen- learned how hot it can get making jam in the middle of summer!

Homemade salsa
Homemade salsa with our own cilantro from a recipe by my aunt- really yummy and really hot!

Basket full of swiss chard, cucumbers, and tomatoes (ripe and unripe)

Late Blight
And even though it came really late (I know, I know) we still got the Late Blight. Our one surviving crimson sprinter that we started from seed held up the best, resisting it the longest, but the five we picked up at a local greenhouse didn’t do too well and were most likely where it came from. Still edible and yummy though if you cut around it.

And a little something for the family and friends, my husband and I after an afternoon hike. 🙂

Fall is quickly on its way as all the mornings start out in the 40s, the sun sets earlier, you need to wear something long-sleeved after 6pm, and the wild grapes are ripening. We’ll be pulling what we have left of the tomatoes and zucchini out this weekend. The peppers, cukes, little swiss chard, and tiny corn can stay where they are for now until the frost comes. I’m actually looking forward to our first frost now, as the carrots need to be sweetened. The turnips continue to be yummy and I’ll post our fun “frugal” recipe next time that we experimented with and loved. A happy Friday and weekend to all!

Garden Update

BabyZuke 7-30

Baby zucchinis coming in. I can’t wait until I’m up to my ears in them!

ZukesChard 7-30

Zucchini plants and rainbow Swiss chard

Cukes 7-30


Jalepenos 7-30

Jalapeno plants that haven’t done much other than survive.

Tomatoes 7-30

Tomato plants

GreenTomato 7-30

Big greens needing some sun to ripen!

TurnipCarrots 7-30

Turnips and carrots

Corn 7-30

Corn turned out to be a major fail. That’s okay, live and let learn! 🙂

Porch 7-30

Wild morning glories climbing the porch and the garlic chives and horseradish.

Sunflowers 7-30

And the sunflowers on the other side of the stairs.

Gardens Will Grow When You Are Away

Well, we’re back from our vacation. We had a lovely time and can’t wait until our next vacation in a year! In the mean time, we will continue to enjoy every sunny evening we get, and make the most of each weekend.

So I thought I’d do a quick photo post on what’s happening in our garden. Of course, as soon as I leave, everything starts to pop up! Maybe I should stay away more often, ha!


Our cilantro on the porch- nothing better than the fresh stuff! YUM!

Morning Glories

Our wild morning glories I’m trying to teach to climb the stairs.

Chives and Horseradish

Chives and horseradish


Our sunflower bed (there’s only 6 left I think eeep!) that’s being shared by some of our morning glories


Turnips doing well, here’s hoping they continue to grow!


The start of our delicate carrots. They are so tiny, I fear covering them with some light hay. Their cover may have to wait.


And the rhubarb. It’s growing alright, but it’s fighting a leaf spot disease. I read on one site that stressed plants are heavily susceptible to them, which I believe seeing the plant barely survived it’s transplant! I don’t dare to cut off all the leaves right now, I really want to encourage it to grow. But come fall, when it frosts, I’ll be sure to trim everything down to the ground and destroy the clippings. That’s all I have read I can do. Anyone else have any information they can share with me??? Should I risk killing the plant by cutting everything off now, or should I wait, in hopes it will continue to grow and risk possible death anyways???  Any ideas?