Purpose of this Blog

As the world we live in continually changes, we are forced as individuals to adapt. We change how we think, how we act, and how we decide to live our lives on a regular basis. As the sun returned to Vermont after a long winter, I made a decision to become a little more self-reliant and “green”. The problem with these two goals is that when combined, they tend to produce “extreme” lifestyles that I did not want. Devoted homesteaders, over-the-top hippies, wealthy trendsetters, doomsday environmentalists, and even the irrationally optimistic, all came to light when I tried to approach the gateway to my goal.

I was taken aback by the stigmatism with it all. Is this really what I wanted to become? No! I still want to drive my car, enjoy a TV show, and shop at chain stores. Can I financially afford to make the extreme changes so many suggest? No! I’m living on a limited budget here! Do I believe in all the choices these extremists make? No! There are trade-offs to every choice we make. So what do I do? I step up to my goal, take one step at a time, at my own pace, avoid all the extremists, and make choices and changes that make a difference, but remain practical and sensible.

This blog is meant to 1) act as a journal to record my thoughts, attempts, successes, and failures, 2) to be used as a tool or resource for others trying to do the same thing, and 3) to act as a community where others can contributed their thoughts and actions as we all attempt to make small changes for the better.




One thought on “Purpose of this Blog

  1. I really like your style! (probably because your situation and values are so close to my own). Practical and sensible, and avoiding extremists are what I mean especially. That being said, I hope you won’t take me for one of those extremists when I recommend that you look into permaculture (and re-localization and transition towns and peak oil). There, I’ve said it.

    Anyway, I hope you google permaculture, I really believe it is the way to start. I would be pleased too if you would visit my blog (which is still very new) at: butisitpc.wordpress.com Thanks, MJ

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