Blueberries, Pickels, and Wine

After a long break, I’m slowly making my way back to this blog. This spring was pretty crazy with a lot of personal life changes. There was some family issues, a much needed job change, a well deserved vacation, a lot of gardening, and now, things are slowly quieting down. We’ve been keeping ourselves busy with all kinds of projects since April!

A family weekend of tilling and planting everything from seed this year while has worked out a lot better than transplanting.

Two months into planting from seed, everything is looking amazing. The only problems that we are having at the moment are pumpkin arms going everywhere and the potatoes seem to have a little early blight issues.

We picked out first cukes today and they are amazing! These are supposed to be pickling cukes but they got forgotten under all the leaves and got a little bigger. It’s okay though, they still taste amazing! We’ve also been eating fresh green beans and Swiss chard.

My husband has been experimenting with making local fruit wines. This is our first 5 gallon batch of strawberry. Next up will be peach and then apple. 🙂 I can’t wait to try it!

We’ve been doing plenty of picking on our weekends. We’ve got several quarts of strawberries put away and now we’re working on blueberries. What a year for blueberries! They are so large, sweet, and plentiful this year! At $2 a pound, we got about 3 quarts for $7. They made some awesome muffins! Oh! Yes, I’ll have to post that recipe! How can you resist “healthy” muffins?

And as of today, we have been trying our hand at making pickles. Today it was traditional bread and butter pickles. We even have a fancy crinkle cutter which really makes these guys look like the real deal.


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