Frugal Food Friday: Kitchen Sink Soup

Frugal foods; because everyone’s wallet needs a helping hand now and again.

Frugal food is all about using every scrap of food that you have- and having it come out tasting good too!  One of the simplest and most sensible meals to make on a budget is soup. I don’t care who you are, you can  make healthy, delicious, wonderful soup for next to nothing!

My kitchen sink soup constantly changes depending on what I have on hand. This batch here consisted of leftover veggies found in the fridge (parsnip, carrots, kale, onion), freezer essentials (I always have frozen corn and beans on hand), and pantry supplies (brown rice, diced tomatoes, potatoes).  I didn’t have any homemade stock at the time, so I started with some sautéed onions in olive oil, added some garlic, the diced tomatoes, and some water. As the vegetables cooked, they all added their flavors to create a stock of sorts. Oh, and don’t forget to add your favorite herbs and spices. Anytime I’m making a soup or stew, I throw in a bay leaf and usually, some oregano. But put in whatever you like. And just as it’s finishing up, add your salt and pepper. That allows your flavors to develop and mix, allowing you to figure out at the end how much you may need. As for how much to make, don’t worry about making too much! The best thing about soup is that you can make a lot so you have leftovers for the week and to freeze for later. It’s great being able to reach in the freezer and pull out a meal that’s ready to go. Save yourself some time and freeze it in portions that are right for you (one serving, family serving, etc.).

Another time, I had some stock from a boiled ham dinner that I had frozen and used that for a soup base. I threw in some of the dinner’s leftover ham, lentils and barley from the cupboard, and mixed leftover veggies I had in the fridge that had seen better days, and let me tell you, THAT was good! If you ever are making a boiled ham dinner, do NOT throw that stock away! I can’t believe I’ve missed out on something as awesome as that!

That’s it. Soup doesn’t have to be well planned out. I’m sure if you ask your grandmother about making soup, she’ll tell you the same thing. It’s a beautiful meal that keeps you warm and uses whatever you have on hand. So stop worrying about what you need and plan a soup tonight with whatever you have on hand!

4 thoughts on “Frugal Food Friday: Kitchen Sink Soup

  1. I love to use up all the leftovers and soup is a perfect way to do that. Talk about variety! So yummy and tastes a million times better than a can of soup.

    Love your new look around here. 🙂

    Have a great week!

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