A Soft Blanket of Snow

Nov6 (2)

Despite many of us wanting autumn to stay with us forever, winter is fast approaching. We awoke this morning to find our world covered under a thin blanket of snow. As I’m sure most of it will melt away over the course of the afternoon, its a reminder to us that winter is knocking at our door and it will not be long until we’re buried in snow.

It’s been almost a week since we’ve turned our clocks back, and I’m starting to get use to driving home after the sun has set. It seems like only minutes after I get home and start supper, it’s pitch black out. No time for leisurely evening strolls, those will be kept for weekend afternoons. Nights are colder and after cocconing myself in the blankets last night, I’ve realized it’s time to put the thin cotton sheets away and pull out the heavy flannel ones in addition to an extra blanket. And, as Turkeycookies reminded me, I’ll dig out our microwavable rice bag that my Grandmother made for me and put that near the night stand for those really cold nights in need of a little extra warmth under the covers for your toes. Grudgingly, I’ll even force my husband to help me switch out our shorts and tank tops for pants and sweaters this weekend.

One more day of work at the lab until the weekend work of warmth, crafting, and baking arrives. What a busy work week it’s been, and interestingly enough, it’s due to the opening of hunting season in just over a week. I thought it unusual that all of our wastewater operators were coming in with their monthly samples all at the same time this week. So, after the third operator in a span of less than an hour showed up, I thought to ask. With hunting season is opening soon, and many of them have vacations coming up, it’s time to get it all done this week and next. The puzzle was solved, and now that I know exactly who’s hunting, I’ll be sure to follow up with them next month in hopes of scoring a free pound or two of venison. 😉

6 thoughts on “A Soft Blanket of Snow

  1. Not a bad harvest. I didn’t even get a tomato from my garden this year which was a total disappointment. Let’s hope next year is better. And, I can’t believe you’ve had snow in Vermont already! We’ve had a dusting in the hills here in Central NY, but that’s it so far.
    — Jodi

    • That tomato blight was a real dissapointment for many. I can only imagine how many we could have gotten thinking back on all those green globes that melted away! Oh we had snow, but it only lasted a day and we haven’t seen anything since! All the local ski resorts are going crazy without the snow. Hopefully we’ll all see some white after Thanksgiving.

  2. Hey my sister is a wastewater operator. 🙂 And I’m thinking you must work in the lab part of that?

    Love that first blanket of snow… the seasons are slowing changing and we are slowing adapting. Ever so slowly. 😉

    • She is?? Awesome! There are so few female operators, I only know of one up here in southern VT. Water/wastewater operators are some of the friendliest and hardest working people I’ve ever met, and no doubt some of the funniest too! I work in a small, privately owned water testing laboratory, so I’m not part of any water system. But we do have quite a few different local systems that we do work for. They bring us their samples, we analyze it for them. 🙂

      Ever so slowly indeed! We have not seen a flake since that last dusting! I’m okay with that (though I would like some for Christmas) but if we don’t get some soon, there will be a lot of unhappy skiiers around here!

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