The Transition Time of November


The calendar tells us that it is still autumn until we reach the winter solstice, this year being December 21st. But I have always found the month of November to be not quite autumn, yet not quite almost winter. September and October really build up the joys of  autumn- colorful leaves, apples, pumpkins, the start of the cool nights, and Halloween. Then, in a blink of an eye, not much unlike Christmas, it’s over. All of the leaves have fallen and the colors on the hills have since changed to crisp browns of dead leaves, grays of exposed bark, and dark blotches of evergreens on the hills. The only bright colors I’ve seen this weekend are those of the falling needles of the tamarack trees at the higher elevations in Mt. Holly. All the apples and pumpkins have been sold and our beloved Wellwood Orchards is now closed for the season. Every night now is cold, with mornings full of frost. And sadly, the witching hour is over and nights are darker earlier, as we have all now turned our clocks back an hour. Quiet and dark, November wraps us in the coming cold, but can reward us with afternoons of fleeting sunshine.  

After reviewing my list of October goals, the only thing I didn’t quite fulfill was the “lots” of soups and breads, although we have begun eating our fair share. 🙂 Halloween was a blast, kind of out of this word really… 😉


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