End of September

It’s the last day of September and I can’t believe how fast the month has gone by! We’ll welcome in October tomorrow, the month where autumn is at its peak and the days get shorter, colder, and darker. In the interest of community and curiosity, I take turkeycookies’ approach and ask, what do you have planned for October?

*Another round of apple picking, complete with a visit to the petting zoo this time
*Hopefully can another 6 or so quarts of apple sauce
*Play more with pumpkins- I’ve figured out the secret to pumpkin cooking thanks to habitsofamouse
*Bake more delicious pumpkin muffins made with real pumpkin and enjoy countless batches of pumpkin seeds
*Enjoy the crisp nights and smells of wood smoke on evening walks
*Find and experiment more with root crop recipes, including various squashes
*Make lots and lots of soup and homemade bread
*Carve pumpkins and dress up like Star Trek (TNG) officers for Halloween



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