Welcome Autumn

With the arrival of the equinox, today we welcome autumn to the northern hemisphere. It’s crazy how fast time flies the older you get. September is quickly coming to a close and yet it feels like the month just started. The last few weekends of late summer have brought us plenty of happiness. We marked the arrival of September with a trip to the Rutland Fair, enjoying the day with great company- visitors from the north, my Mom and Step-Dad (Hi Tom!). My husband took second place in the amature art show and all four of us spent the weekend catching up and celebrating. The weekend after that marked the passing of my Grandfather. Unable to make it home, we spent a day up at VINS exploring and learning in his remembrance. And last weekend was our first trip to the orchard for apples, picking up squashes and filling the weekend with batches of applesauce. This weekend will be a wedding, working on some final harvesting in the garden, experimenting with pumpkins, and more cleaning and buttoning up as October is fast upon us.

Day and night are equal, and we can feel the sun weakening. The sun is setting earlier, the mornings are colder, and even in midmorning and early evening we can feel that briskness that is upon us. Leaves are changing and the final harvests are approaching. Nature is readying itself for the rest of the long cold months of winter. Today is a great time for all of us to take a moment to reflect upon the great days of summer- rainy days and all. Now is a time of harvest. Take time today to give thanks.


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