Saturday morning my husband and I went peach picking for the first time. Hands down there’s nothing better than a fresh, juicy peach right off the tree! It makes those hard as a rock, flavorless things you buy at the supermarket even more displeasing after you have the real deal. And what’s better than fresh peaches? Having the whole orchard to yourself!

Peaches and

*My dear heart trying to make peaches look tough and manly*


*A sample of the harvest*

Rock- Male

Rock- Female

*Playing around because we could with no one around*

Canned Peaches

*An afternoon of labor left us with three pints of canned peaches to be enjoyed this winter*

Peach Vodka

*I couldn’t bring myself to just throw out the peels and little bits of peach that didn’t make the cut, so what better way to make use of them than making a peach infused spirit? We covered our bits of leftovers with a cheap 80 proof vodka, let sit overnight, then strained into a recycled bottle. I can’t get over the color and I think the peels did a great job of swapping out their flavor for the absorption of the terrible impurities of the cheap liquor. It’s a light taste best enjoyed with a splash of citrus soda. Quite the treat!*

10 thoughts on “Peaches

  1. You are completely right about fresh picked peaches. Canned peaches my favorite ‘next-best’ especially in the winter when all I need a dreams of summer! Peach spirit is genius!

    • Oh I bet it’s to die for come winter. Between the jams I’ve made, the frozen strawberries, canned peaches, and hopefully apple sauce next, we should be able to think of summer a lot more come winter! πŸ™‚ Thanks! It was so easy to do the spirit and so delicious! A total afternoon or after dinner treat.

    • Hahaha, thanks, we find that you can’t take life too seriously or you wont have any fun! πŸ™‚ I wish everyone had the opportunity to enjoy a peach off the tree, but I’m sure you have other fruits you can enjoy fresh like apples and berries. And goodness, that spirit was good! πŸ™‚

  2. I heard by reading over at coldantler that you have a truck that isnt going to far to fast. I figured I might try and help out. Here is my thought. Why dont you guys just donate it to one of those programs like the Cancer Society or something? My hubby did it one year. It worked out well. They came and hauled it away and after that they auction it off. You can get up to a $500 credit on you taxes for that year. Only allowed to claim the tax credit for one car, per household each year. You are helping a good cause and getting a break on your taxes. Win win all around. Good luck!

    • Oooooh… what a great idea! I mentioned that to my husband and he also thought of seeing if one of the local fire departments might want it as well for a mock fire/jaws of life rescue drill. THANK YOU FOR THE IDEA!!! Do you by any chance have any leads on getting more information on something like what your hubbie did? A website or starting place for more information on how to??

  3. I asked him, he said that all he did is call the Cancer Society and ask how to donate the vehicle. They gave him the info about who to call and he did. After that all they did is call him back and ask when they could have it picked up. He set it out in the drive way and said ANYTIME! That year he got $500 in tax credits. It was great.

    Good luck, let me know how it goes.

    • Thank you for the info! I’ll be sure to keep that in mind when we finally get a new one- hopefully before November when the inspection sticker runs out because I don’t think it’ll pass! Oops! Thanks again Jenn!!

  4. There’s nothing like fresh peaches… I too, wish we had the opportunity to pick them in this neck of the woods but that’s not an option so thanks for sharing your adventure (and good times!) at the orchard.

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