Garden Update

BabyZuke 7-30

Baby zucchinis coming in. I can’t wait until I’m up to my ears in them!

ZukesChard 7-30

Zucchini plants and rainbow Swiss chard

Cukes 7-30


Jalepenos 7-30

Jalapeno plants that haven’t done much other than survive.

Tomatoes 7-30

Tomato plants

GreenTomato 7-30

Big greens needing some sun to ripen!

TurnipCarrots 7-30

Turnips and carrots

Corn 7-30

Corn turned out to be a major fail. That’s okay, live and let learn! 🙂

Porch 7-30

Wild morning glories climbing the porch and the garlic chives and horseradish.

Sunflowers 7-30

And the sunflowers on the other side of the stairs.

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