Sensible Sundays- Taking Advantage of Local and In Season

If there is one thing that I can’t live without, it’s fresh summer berries! I look forward to summer berry season every year because there is nothing tastier. Those California strawberries have nothing on the fresh from the field, sun-ripened, local strawberries, I can promise you that! This year we went strawberry picking twice, with the second picking being used to make us a big batch of delicious jam. Last weekend was our first attempt at jam making and after that session, we were hooked! But back to the berries, yesterday my husband and I went red and black raspberry picking for the first time and loved it. It was our first trip to Cherry Hill Farm but it will not be our last. The people were wonderful and the hill so peaceful- human wise that is. The sounds of bees buzzing about and all the birds chirping filled the air. We picked 4 quarts of both red and black raspberries for just about $20, ate our fill out in the bushes, and even tried currants for the first time- talk about sour!!

Cherry Hill

 With prices low in comparison to grocery store items, the taste factor 20x better than the average berry that has traveled hundreds of miles, and the amount of fun that you can have, why would you choose any other way to enjoy summer fruit? Now is the time to take advantage of what you have growing locally. Of course there is more than just berries, think vegetables too. I challenge you to take the time to stop into that farmers market you drive by once a week and pick something up, even if it’s just a head of lettuce, a handfull of peas, or a single cucumber. Summer is here and it’s time to take advantage of what’s growing near you. Try something fresh and local today, I promise you wont regret it. 😉

Black Raspberry

Red Raspberry

One thought on “Sensible Sundays- Taking Advantage of Local and In Season

  1. I agree, I can’t live without berries either in the summer. I think they make up a whole meal for me most summer days. Next weekend I think it’s blueberry time for me

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