Strawberry Season Is Here

001 (2)

The view from the strawberry fields at Wellwood Orchards.

002 (2)

This weekend’s bounty. We will be going back when a lot more of them are ripe in two weeks.

7 thoughts on “Strawberry Season Is Here

  1. Wow – look at all those berries! Now you’ve got me thinking about strawberry shortcake with whipped cream… yum!

    I had one (yup, just the one) on my plants this week – and not many more on the way to ripening just yet.

    • Yum yum yum!!! I’m going back in two weeks for more. This was just the beginning of the harvest. Don’t feel bad about just one, I’m sure there are more to come! Besides, YOU are growing your own! I’m not! But I do dream about that some day! 🙂 Mmmm strawberries!

  2. My daughter would love that. She’s a blueberry and strawberry fanatic. We have around ten plants or so and before they are even fully ripe, she’ll sneak out and eat them.

    I have yet to fine a good U-Pick berry farm locally. There is one across the Canadian Border some 40 miles, it’s a pain to go through customs just for some

    • I bet she is! Your photos on your blog show she’s a cutie and a half! 🙂

      I have to say, we got VERY lucky by finding that local u-pick farm. It wasn’t until I moved to VT that I was able to find something like that so close. They do so much too. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches (or so I’ve heard) and a ton of apples in the fall! And they also grow lots and lots of carving and baking pumpkins, and a lot of squash that is available when you go apple picking. There’s even a little petting “zoo” on their property- really a collection of chickens, a few peacocks, lots of friendly goats, bunnies, and sometimes a pigglet or two. 🙂 It’s a sweet place, old farm family run, and I’ll have to post some photos of our time up there through the season. I very much wish you had such a place closer to you and your family to enjoy!

  3. We almost went to Wellwood for our strawberries, but it was too late in the season. Thanks for your comment on my blog. It’s fun to see who is reading–especially when readers are from VT!

  4. Wow love all of it! My boyfriend grows a variety of berries and is concerned as to what would be the correct soil. We live in Whittier, CA. Any suggestions regarding the right soil?

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