New England Summer Memory Loss

Many of us living in New England have a problem- summer memory loss. That’s right, you heard it here first! We forget about a lot when it comes to summer. What? Don’t understand what I’m talking about? Let me explain the “Three B’s” phenomenon.

Winter lasts forever here. Fall is just the start of winter, then there’s November through mid-January pretty winter, then mid-January through March let’s be done with this already winter, and then April through mid-June is spring which is just a muddy version of winter. So, when summer finally hits, we all celebrate and praise the sun because it seems like it’s been forever since it was summer and wonderful out. And it’s when summer finally hits that we realize our memory loss problem. The memory loss phenomenon typically consists of three “B’s”:  burns, balmy, and bugs.

Come on my New England friends, you know what I’m talking about! Without fail, every single year we forget about these things! All we do is beg and plead with Mother Nature to send us those warm wonderful lazy days of summer. But we forget about the frustrations. We all get our first burn of the season because we forgot about the power of the sun and the fact that it takes little to nothing to burn after spending all winter being pastey. Then we remember to bring out the sunscreen. Then we forget how grumpy we get because of all the humidity and muggy nasty days that comes with the heat. Then we remember to pull out the fans (and some lucky people, the air conditioners). And we forget all about the pesty mosquitoes until that fateful day that you figure out when you get inside that you are covered in itchy bites. Then we remember to pull out the bug dope. THAT my friends, is the New England memory loss phenomenon.

Why do I bring this up, you ask? Because I’ve finally achieved all three “B’s” this morning, which stirred my memory of this problem we encounter every year. I’ve already had my first burn a couple weeks ago, but the muggy morning started me off sticky and mildly grumpy. And then my “brilliant” idea of doing 30 minutes of weeding before the haze burned off and the sun became viciously hot, was rewarded by re-discovering how hungry the backyard mosquitoes are in the morning. 13 giant itchy lumps were washed, rubbed with witch hazel, and slathered with hyrdrocortisone cream.

So it’s official. Technically speaking, the first day of summer was this passed Sunday. But in my backyard, with the accomplishment of the three “B’s”, the first day of summer starts today. 🙂

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