Grilled Pizza and Sunshine

I am shocked at what I am seeing- sunshine! It’s been so gray and dreary for the past week! Sunshine seems to be a rare sight this June. The fact that there’s some peeking out right now makes me smile, even if it’ll only be there for an hour. Too bad I have to spend my time inside while it’s out!

The garden is going nuts! Everything I posted last week looks, no kidding, twice as big! We also stopped by Posie’s Place on Saturday, after our morning errands, to pick up some tomato seedlings to replace the ones I, well, the frost, killed on June 1st. There were not many left, so I decided to get one six-pack of Early Girls instead of two, and instead picked up a six-pack of jalapenos! I’m very excited about those! Only time will tell if they will make it up here. Surprisingly, as small as the tomato plants are, they are already sending out flowers! I’m so excited! The corn is popping up now, and our replacement zucchinis will be transplanted outside this weekend. Then everything will be getting a layer of hay mulch.

Grilled Pizza

So this past Friday, Ryan and I decided to try grilling pizza. Although we make a killer pizza in our oven, the oven being on in the summer is a real pain as it produces a lot of heat in our small apartment. So, we decided to try our hand at throwing it on the grill. Let me tell you, it’s EASY! I used our homemade pizza dough recipe (I’ll have to share that in another post, it’s the BEST) and split the ball in half. Due to the size and shape of the grill, it was easier to do two smaller pizzas rather than one large one. I pulled and rolled the dough out just a little thinner than I usually do, all the while, Ryan had the grill heating up nice and hot. Once really hot, we put some olive oil on the grate and slapped the dough on. It only look a few minutes for it to brown and puff up (note: have a fork or knife handy to deflate any bubbles that rise). We flipped it, and lightly crisped the other side and turned the grill almost off. Then we put all of our toppings on the pizza- it helps to have your toppings all ready to go so you can put them all on quickly and not waste your grill’s propane. This time we tried the traditional tomato and mozzarella slices, a little olive oil, onions, mushrooms, and some Italian seasoning, but next time will probably be the typical sauce and cheese and then toppings kind of deal. We put them back on, with the heat really low, and left them just long enough to melt together and ta-da! Delicious grilled pizza! And you know what? It was EASY! So easy, two semi-cavemen could do it! So give it a try, I dare you! I think you’ll really like what you end up with!

4 thoughts on “Grilled Pizza and Sunshine

    • Oh I know! This is my first year trying this out! I found out recently that you could, but I figured you’d need a special grill tool or something but nope! Just slap it on there to get the crust going, plop things on and boom! Delicious pizza without warming up the house! 🙂 I hope you try it! If you do, do tell me about it!!!

  1. We tried the pizza on the grill. We loved it! Tom took a picture of it to show you. I’d love your homemade pizza crust recipe. This is Tom and your Mom’s last day here. We’re going into Charlottetown for a show tonight. We’ve had a great time. Love your website!!

    • Oh great!!! I’m glad you all liked it!!! 🙂 We love oven baked pizza, but the grilling makes it a bit crispier and just… more summery! 🙂 Hahahaha I can’t wait to see Tom’s picture! I’ll post that pizza dough recipe soon, it makes some of the BEST pizza! Hope you all had a good time at the show!

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