Yard Sale Finds

My husband hates them, but I love them. Sure, there’s usually more junk than usable items at them, but you never know what you are going to find. They are an unavoidable sign of summer. They are treasure hunts in disguise. And every year, I do my fair share of random (and possibly dangerous) breaking for their signs. Without fail, my husband rolls his eyes and grumbles about all the “worthless junk” there is. That is, if I’m lucky enough to be driving or am able to coax him to pull over. Last year was a lucky horseshoe, a basket for my mittens, a nice jar, and a wooden bowl that, after being painstakingly refinished, is beautiful.

Already this year I’ve found two wooden folding chairs at just the right height to put at our kitchen table when we have company over (no longer will we have to pull out the computer chair and outdoor furniture), and a couple really beautiful glass jars.



Aren’t they just terrific? Call me a product of the 21st century, but I’ve never seen jars like these with glass tops! I thought they were too neat with their specially designed closing system. Although I don’t have a use for them yet, I figured they might work well for different gift ideas I’ve been playing with. We’ll see yet.

2 thoughts on “Yard Sale Finds

  1. I am glad you discovered these canning jars and wrote about them. I bought a house last year in central NY state. Down in the otherwise empty basement is an old cabinet with shelves of these jars.
    Someone told me they were worth something because they are collector’s items. I don’t know. I read that the USDA does not recommend using them for canning any longer. The hardware store in my small village sells the rubber rings that go between the lid and jar. These are sitting right next to the regular Ball lids and rings used for canning.
    I have thought they might be nice for storing nuts or beans. But maybe I’ll just let them keep down in the basement for another 20 years and then see what they are worth!
    I like your blog.

    • Funny you say that about them being worth something, my mother in law said the same thing! How so, I’m not sure, but I’d much rather put them to good use! 🙂 I would probably avoid canning in them, because they just don’t seem too stable, but storage of nuts, beans, dried goods, things like that is a terrific idea- besides, they’d look beautiful displayed that way! Even to hold your tea bags or coffee would be sweet. I have very little cupboard and shelf space in the kitchen, so I have yet to find a good use/place for them, but I will!

      Thank you for stopping by! I’m glad you like my blog! I hope I’ll read more comments from you in the future! 🙂

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