Waiting & Lilacs

Lilacs. They are my favorite flower this time of year. I can never get over how wonderful it is to be walking down the street and be able to smell nothing but them. It’s an uplifting and joyful scent that is the epitome of the spring-to-summer scents- that, and of course fresh cut grass and BBQs.

Due to yesterday’s wicked frost (I woke up to see 28 degrees F on the thermometer) I’ve pushed back when I wanted to plant the garden. Originally I was planning for this weekend, but after that frost, I just don’t think it’s time yet. So then I pushed it to the weekend after. But I’m still debating waiting even longer because we’ll be going away on vacation for a week after that, and I really don’t want to just up and leave right after everything is planted. I’m sure it would be alright, but with no one around to water or weed or keep pests off, I’m just not sure. That would put everything a little further behind, but I’m already having problems.

I almost killed the cucumber seedlings. They are still hanging in there, but a few mornings ago, when I put everything out, I guess it was just a little too cold. Some of the leaves on our tomatoes are looking a little iffy, though really they are looking quite strong, and the cherry tomatoes, well, they look weak. So all these issues have me debating putting them out the weekend after next so they might get established and quickly strengthen, or to wait so that I can give them extra attention if needed. The average last frost around here is practically the end of May, so waiting another week or two into June really wont be too ridiculous. I guess time will tell.

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