Sensible Sundays: Free Entertainment

Everyone has their favorite form of entertainment that they like to splurge on- music, art, film, cuisine, etc. My husband and I love going to the movies and will make sure to put money away for weekend trips to the theater. But who says you always have to spend money to be entertained?

There’s plenty of free activities that we all enjoy, we just seem to forget about them. Physical activity is one- hiking, biking, swimming, and playing. Movies in addition to books and audio can be rented for free from your local library. And don’t forget to check out what’s being sponsored in your town. I know the library and historical society sponsor a free “music on the green” series in the summer that’s really enjoyable and they also do outside movie nights. Book stores and different organizations often will sponsor guest lecturers that are free to attend, you just need to watch your local paper or bulletin board to find out. Art and craft shows happen all the time and most of the time are free to attend. Every year we go to all kinds of free activities and not only do we leave happy, we leave with more dough in our pockets.

Just as an example, a book shop in the next town over had one of my favorite authors come to speak and do a book signing all for the promotion of his new book. Free to attend and free signings! Although I left with a new book (I could have brought an old one I already owned to have autographed if I wanted) it was a great way to spend an hour on an overcast Sunday afternoon.


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