A Small Step In The Right Direction

A short post to say that once I stop by the post office this morning, I will finally be done paying off the small debt I owed to the local hospital! Not bad for something done last fall! 

The credit cards are still there, collecting more interest with every passing day, but we’re working really hard to get my husband’s paid off by July. Then maybe mine by the end of the year. We stopped all spending on them a few months ago in order to help us out, and it’s working really well. The motive? Of course to get rid of all unnecessary debt, but sadly, that will be canceled out by the second motive of trying to buy a new-used truck in the fall. I know, it’s a little contradicting, but his truck he has now is dying fast and we really can’t be without. But by eliminating our credit card debts, we can then use whatever money we were paying on them to a.) set aside for a down payment on the truck and b.) apply towards the monthly payment. The whole thing is still in the early stages of planning (hopefully not having to really address it until one card is paid off) but we’ll be sure to figure it all out in time.

Large or small, new or old, a debt paid off is a thing to celebrate! Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but for today, that’s one more load off my shoulders. 🙂

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