Almost May

So the past two Sensible Sundays didn’t happen the way I planned- two Sundays ago I was in Maine for a family visit and this past Sunday I was sicker than a dog with a 24 hour flu bug that still seems to be bugging me. It truly had me bummin’ because my husband and I got a lot of work done outside Saturday and had plans to do so much more on Sunday, both of which were absolutely gorgeous out. Sadly I was glued to the bed and couch all day long. So goes life! We’ll just make up for us this weekend.


Ta-da! Look at how far the green has come in a matter of weeks! Isn’t it beautiful? I love how all the trees have their buds opening up, giving them all a green haze around them. It’s only a matter of time before they are out in full force.


And there you have Saturday’s work- our two small garden plots! The larger one is 15′ x 5′ for most of our vegetables while the small one is a 5′ x 2′ specifically for corn- it’s location ensures that as it grows, it wont be at risk shading out the other crops. We still have to hoe and rake it as free of rocks as possible (oh the joys of glacial till) and supplement it with some loam we still have to go barter for. It’ll be interesting this year, the soil seems pretty sandy.

You can also see our first ever compost bin to the right, which is pretty awesome. Not only is that going to be helpful for next year’s garden bed, but it’s also going to cut down on the amount of (stinky) trash that we’ll be making every week. Tell you what, removing all of that sod took HOURS in the 80 degree weather. Nothing has been done to that yard space in a long time. It looks terrible, but we moved it all over to the right in order to try and cover an old heap of an old nasty burn pile that was there. We removed as much of the solid stuff as we could, and while trying to rake it out, realized that would be an entire weekend worth of labor. So rather than try and remove it, we are trying to disguise it. Keep your fingers crossed that the sod will take- if not, we’ll have an ugly pile of dead, patchwork grass. Even so, it wont look nearly as bad as the old pile that was there.


And this is what some of our seedlings look like. In the foreground you have one of our cherry tomato plants which is a little more than four weeks old and in the background, a monstrous zucchini plant just over two weeks old. I fear sounding like a complete fool, but we were completely shocked when we saw the zucchini plant come up. We had never seen a zucchini seedling before and expected it to be small and frail- how wrong we were. The thing is a beast! A discovery in and of itself. The last of our seedlings have been started, and in another four weeks or so (end of May, first of June) we’re hoping to put them all in the garden.

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