Tuesday Morning

I love the fact that is was 7:40 last night when I realized it was still a little light out. And I love that when I see my husband off to work at 5:42 in the morning now, the sun, although not yet risen, delivers enough light to get all the birds up and singing. And… I love light. After so many months of short days, long nights, and seemingly never ending dark, the return of the sun is a wonderful thing. I just can’t get enough of it.

My tomato seedlings are just over two weeks old now and some are starting to push out what looks to be their first true leaves. Once those come in, I’ll transplant them to larger containers. This past Sunday morning, I started my zucchini plants. I’ve figured out a schedule of seed planting based on the packages’ recommended starting times, hoping they will all work out to be ready to hit the garden the last weekend in May or the first weekend in June. I can only keep my fingers crossed that it works out well. All the while, I’m keeping notes in a designated garden notebook. I’ll keep track of everything I do so I can learn from it. I’m counting on a number of failures, this being my first garden and all, but that’s okay. You can’t learn unless you dare to make mistakes.

I recently added a few new links to my sidebar, and one I’d like to highlight is the Local Banquet link. It’s a quarterly publication I pick up around here at co-ops and farm markets for free, but it’s also available on the web. It’s a wonderfully rich publication that stresses the importance of local communities, specifically by focusing on food. Although written only about Vermont, the articles are interesting and can reflect common thoughts and events people of other small communities hold. The website doesn’t do the beautiful print version justice (all the wonderful greens and grays, photos, fancy script, it’s a simple work of art in and of itself), but check it out. You may just like what you see.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning

  1. Sounds like you are well on your way to a successful first year of gardening! Last year was my first year ever with a real vegetable garden, and it was quite amazing really. It was astounding to me just how much something will grow given half a chance.

    What are you using for a gardening journal/notebook? I am trying to decide whether I should spring for the fancy 10-year garden journal from Lee Valley Tools, or just use an ordinary day-timer or a binder and looseleaf paper. I’m leaning toward the latter, because it is simple and cheap, but I do long for the former, as I am a lover of stationery items of all sorts…

  2. Hooray! I can’t begin to describe how EXCITED I am about the whole thing! But I’m sure you understand that. 🙂

    I’m actually just using a little 6×4 inch, 99 cent notebook I picked up a year or two ago. I admit, it’s a little small now that I am using it, but it’s not bad! Oh, I loooove stationary items too, the more unique the better! But I held back and used what I had and I’m sure it’s going to work out just fine. I figure, I’m only going to use it to write it, keep track of things, and so long as I date each entry, why need something fancy? I also have a clipboard with some loose leaf paper on it that I use too. I’m debating rewriting everything in the little journal, or just popping it into a three-ring binder like you referenced. That way, if I find articles I like, I can three hole punch them and pop them in. I can even also make my own dividers.

    So why not just use something you might already have? That way you don’t have to spend a dime. Besides, save that money for that one time you find an AMAZING bit of stationary that you just can’t live without! I know I am!! 🙂

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