Sensible Sundays

Today I admitted to myself that I have a really hard time updating this blog on a regular basis. So, to help me out, I thought up a new type of post- Sensible Sundays. It’s similar to what artbystrongheart does on Fridays with the “how-to” posts, but a little different- either way, thank you for the idea! Sensible Sundays will have really short, easy, ideas, recipes, thoughts, etc. to help us all simplify our lives just a little more. Some will be time or  money savers, others “green” tips or life changes, and others might be polls or questions- whatever strikes me that day. I’m sure it will evolve over time, but let’s start it already with clogged drains!

We all get them. You suddenly realize how slow your sink is draining and start to panic as you figure you need to run out and by some chemical based liquid drainer. But stop! Don’t freak! There’s a solution right in your pantry! I’m sure you already know about it, not as a drain de-clogger, but rather as the ingredients to make a homemade volcano erupt. That’s right, vinegar and baking soda!


Forgive me, I read this somewhere else and would love to give whoever that was credit for this discovery, but I have forgotten where I had found it! Either way, all you do is sprinkle some baking soda down the drain then hit it up with just a little vinegar and bam! It’ll fizz like crazy, “eating” and dislodging some clogging agents in the mean time. It’s a perfect “pre-clog” solution. But if you already have a clog, pull out the toilet plunger and have at! A lot of times, just a little work can dislodge the clog, then you can clean the rest of it up with the baking soda and vinegar solution.

So the next time you have a clog, give it a try before you run out to get some chemical drainer. No cash needed, just some time searching your cupboards!

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