No Looking Back

The official first day of spring has come and gone, but it took a few days after that to realize that spring really was here to stay. Although it’s a frosty 38 degrees F this morning and snow showers are possible, I’m okay with that. Easter will soon be here, and before we know it, it’ll soon be May!

Here’s a short progression- this is what March 7th was like:


And then a few weeks later, March 31st:


And now this morning, a week later, April 8th:


Even a week can make a difference- look at the increase in puddles and green!

But you know what really triggered the whole realization of no looking back? The fact that I discovered the chives I transplanted last year (I wasn’t sure if they would come back) are pushing through the soil!


And look how hearty they look! The soil is not so great, and despite having salt (bad gardener, bad!) and junk from the driveway and walkway being shoved over it all winter, it thrives! This, ladies and gentlemen, proves that these buggers are ridiculously resilient! Looking for an easy herb to grow? Here you go! I even have my fingers crossed that they will flower this year- but we’ll see! Either way, I’m psyched!

Speaking of gardens, I started the first of my seedlings a week and a half ago- the two varieties of tomatoes I purchased: Crimson Sprinter (slicing tomato) and Glacier (cherry tomato). Bothwere said to be earlier season producers and did well in cooler conditions. I figured those two properties would help me out if I screw up with timing! I’ve been learning a lot about starting tomatoes from other blogs lately, and will put that knowledge to good use! Next up on the planting list are the zucchinis and the swiss chard, which I’ll do this weekend! Once everything is looking good, I’ll be sure to post photos. 🙂

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