Snow and Success

I was a little nervous yesterday about the outcome of my first attempt at making rolls, but indeed they came out perfectly!!! Take that Pillsbury! The bread machine did it’s job, the recipe was perfect, and I didn’t burn them! I’ve discovered after many burned experiments that my oven runs a little hotter than normal. After a good clean cycle and taking that into account, I think I’m finally understanding how to make it work.


I’m also excited to note that I’m finally breaking in part of a wedding present- cloth napkins. We’ve used the placemats all along (they too were part of the gift) but I didn’t dare use the nice pretty napkins. But then I thought it over and realized that I have to brings my clothes to the laundry mat once a week and these napkins wont take up any extra space in a washing machine. Besides, it cuts back on the number of paper napkins used which saves money. As a side note, I’ve also begun to reduce my paper towel consumption by rediscovering my bag of rags under the sink. Although I still use them, reducing the amount that I use them is a great first step.

What was I saying about spring and snow yesterday? Oh right, that even though the snow will be back, the signs don’t lie. Indeed it’s back, heavy and wet, and though we’re only expecting 2-5 inches, it still feels like a step backwards. But, it’s okay because it’s not too cold, the apartment is still warm from yesterday’s gain and last night’s cloud coverage, and March is already underway, marching towards April. 🙂

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