The Return of Spring

It’s just about here! As of March 20th it will really be here, but this weekend has proved to me that it’s really here. There may be another snowstorm or two, but not to worry, the signs are all pointing to spring.

File:Agelaius phoeniceus 0110 taxo.jpg
                                                            *Photo courtesy of Wikipedia*

The red-winged blackbirds have returned. As of last week all you could hear were the calls of blue jays and chickadees, but this weekend, the squawking of the red-winged blackbird is filling the air! The are everywhere and the territorial calls indicate that their females will be here soon. 

Although they stay through the winter, mourning doves really don’t say much in the winter, their cooing reserved for spring. I’ve heard them too, and before I became familiar with the red-winged blackbirds, the mourning dove was always my sign of spring. But not only are the birds singing, but the smell of skunk is out in full force, meaning they are up and about now. We have also had a large deer frequenting our backyard the past few morning, trying to get at the exposed dry grass. And the mud! Oh glorious mud! How I love to see that instead of ice in the driveway. I’d much rather have a soupy mess to walk through than an ice rink to slip on. On top of it all, daylight savings has gone back into effect, keeping it lighter longer. All of the signs are promising.

I’m excited. I bough my little seed started kit and some soil, and the end of this month I’ll start them. That will give them a good month to start growing so that come Memorial Day, if all goes well, I can put them outside. I still have to actually dig up the future garden site, and although it’ll take some time and muscle, I’m ready for it- and I have a husband to help! 😉 VERY excited about that. Oh! And our solid waste district is selling compost bins for $40 and I think we’re going to get one! VERY excited about that too! Oh the joys of a fast approaching spring. Thank goodness!!!

I’m trying my hand at making rolls tonight. I’ve started the dough in the bread machine and will form and finish them in the oven to serve with some leftover venison stew. Oh, and the cookies I made this weekend- terrific! I just followed a basic oatmeal cookie recipe but threw in some chocolate chips, chopped walnuts, and dried cherries- I don’t like raisins, so I had to substitute. Every cookie is like a little granola bar, but softer and yummier. I’ve found that I can cook just fine, but it’s my baking skills that need some fine tuning, and what better way to do so than practice? 🙂

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