If you saw your neighbor outside at 7:00 in the morning wearing a bright red robe over her clothing and taking a picture of the back yard, would you find her a little odd? No? Well then, you’re probably not my neighbor then. They must think I’m a little off my rocker!


February is here, and thank goodness it’s the shortest month of the year. The faster we get through it, the closer we are to spring. Maple sugaring season is only a couple weeks away. That’s a good sign in and of itself. And the sun coming over the hillside this morning is promising. We’re hoping to reach the mid-40s today. A few more days like that and the ice sheet that is our driveway might soon melt away. Of course, only to reform after all the snowstorms we’ll get until April. But still, it’s a happy thought.

Entries have been few and far between because this is the time of year I find the least inspiring and the hardest to get through. I’m ready to be done with being cold. However, I’m going to be starting a few entries this week and hope to put them up here soon.

I hope all are happy, healthy, and warm!

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