Winter Solstice

How fitting for the first official day of winter that we have a storm! Well, really it’s just ongoing from Friday night and Saturday. It would be safe to say that we’ve accumulated more than two feet already- and it’s still coming. It’s enjoyable on the weekend. When you have nowhere to go, it’s fine. But I’m still a little anxious about our 3.5 hour journey back to Maine on Wednesday morning. It might turn out to be Tuesday night, depending on when the next storm rolls in.  My husband has been loving it though, thanks to his new snow blower. We did our part this afternoon, snow blowing and shoveling out our elderly neighbor downstairs. Her husband is on oxygen and never that healthy, so you never know when he’s going to have to go to the hospital.


Winter Solstice. Yule. The longest night and shortest day of the year. From here on out, the days only get longer. Today is meant to be a time for quiet, for reflection, for warmth, and for peace. Theresa over at Pondering the Myriad Things  has a nice little post about reflection this time of year. The only place we went today was to our neighborhood general store first thing this morning to get the Sunday paper and a 1/2 gallon of cider. We’re enjoying some mulled cider now and I have a wonderfully warm turkey soup with plenty of root vegetables planned for tonight’s meal. I hope you and yours will have a wonderfully warm and quiet day and night. 🙂

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