Christmas Crafting

With the holiday season fast upon us, I’ve been doing a little shopping, a little cooking, and a lot of crafting and planning. With things a little tighter this year, I decided to be a little more sensible and frugal with my shopping (not cheap mind you) and have even been working quite intently on some homemade gifts. I have always enjoyed being crafty, but never thought I was very good. However, the results so far have left me pleasantly surprised! And with an “ice day” off from work today, I have been busy finishing things up, and am not ready to share a few. Enjoy the brighter, and less boring, picture post!

This past Sunday I planned and made up my two dozen or so handmade Christmas cards, and even have most of them sent out- that’s two accomplishments!


And earlier that afternoon, my husband and I brought home our tree and decorated it with our crazy mix of cutsie Christmas ornaments (mine) and our growing collection of Star Trek and superhero ornaments. I shake my head, and my husband comes back with, “But without the superheros and phaser toting officers, who would protect our tree?” And so all ornaments live harmoniously. Boy oh boy, I really need to paint our living room, that color is horrific!


This afternoon, even without power for an hour and a half, I managed to finish up a gardening tote I started a week and a half ago. This is where I give credit to Rhonda Jean over at “Down-to-Earth” for her free stitchery pattern. I was going to follow it exactly, but ended up having some difficulties and added a few of my own changes. I really love how this came out. I was skeptical at first, worrying it was going to come out horribly, but I got lucky. 🙂


So that’s what I have for now. The other homemade gifts will need to wait until next weekend as they are baked goodies including some homemade dog biscuits! And although not included, there were also two scarfs made this year for our newly acquired (by a new marriage) niece and nephew.

Tomorrow will bring us a cold journey two hours east into New Hampshire to a Christmas party hosted by a long time friend of my husband’s. Despite the cold, we should have a sunny afternoon drive over and a clear and quiet night trip back.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Christmas Crafting

  1. It looks lovely! You did such a great job. I’m pleased you were able to use one og my patterns. You know, I have that same design hanging right beside me now in my sewing/writing room. It’s a little wall hanging.


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