Winterizing- Part One

With October coming to a close after tomorrow, the cold weather has quickly begun to swoop in. We’ve had out first two episodes of snow flurries and the nights are becoming bitter. It’s time to start the yearly tradition of bundling and buttoning up.

We started the process last weekend with the easier and “free” winterizing chores. We started by replacing the thin cotton sheets on our bed with our thick flannel ones and but another blanket on it. Right away, this made the bedroom a much happier place and I would highly recommend investing in a good set of flannel sheets- and I do mean a good set. It can be a little costly, but if you buy the cheapest set you can find, cheap is what you’ll get and they wont last nearly as long as you’d think.

Next the screen on the storm door was removed and replaced by a thick pane of glass. I was shocked at how much it reduced (almost eliminated) the drafts that typically ooze in around our door. Absolutely fantastic. I bet this will help a lot this winter!

And then the swapping of the clothes. Out came the tubs of winter clothes and my husband and I took turns emptying out our dresser drawers of our shorts, t-shirts, and everything warm weather and then filling them back up again with sweaters, pants, and long-sleeved shirts. Piece of advice: try to plan this when you are in the mood to toss things out! Together, my husband and I filled a garbage bag of summer and winter clothes that we no longer wore or no longer fit. All good stuff, rested assured, and it will all make its way to our local second hand store this weekend. There’s nothing more rewarding than thinning and simplifying your wardrobe!

And lastly, we brought out our small electric space heater. It doesn’t sound like much, but these little things make a big difference when the cold begins to come in. The huge thing left on our winterizing to-do list is putting plastic over our old, rattling, drafty windows. This year we’re going to try a different technique- instead of buying the kits with the thin plastic and double-sided tape, we’re going to buy thicker plastic, and use strips of cardboard and a staple gun to aim for a better result. Our problem last year was that because the windows are so drafty (I don’t think drafty even begins to describe them) that every time there was a storm with moderate winds, it would blow the plastic out-the double sided tape wasn’t strong enough. So my father told me how he does it, and we’re going to give that a try.

When it’s going to happen, I’m not entirely sure. I would love to start this weekend, but it all depends on how much cash we have left over from this weekend- a tiny grocery list, but we have a moderate sized list of our “buy every 2 months” house necessities (toilet paper, soap, shampoo, otc medicine, etc.) that we’ve got to purchase this weekend. So if we can afford to buy a roll of plastic (we have the staple gun & staples, and I have all the cardboard I could ever need from a cardboard dumpster at work) this weekend, then maybe it’ll be started then. If not, it’ll be on the list for next weekend. Either way, I’ll put up a nice photo post on the process when it is done.

Until then, Happy Halloween!

3 thoughts on “Winterizing- Part One

  1. Hello. Winterizing is key to Northern Climates. I don’t quite feel the need to snuggle in as much here in North Idaho as much as I did in Northern Wisconsin, but the winters here are long, dark, and snowy.

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