A Lightbulb Goes On

Oh sweet Deities, I do not know how time has past so quickly! The summer is quickly coming to a close, and I feel like I don’t know where the days have gone. It’s probably due to all the rain this summer, making it seem like there were less enjoyable days- which there really were. The kids in the area started school again yesterday, daylength has gotten noticibly shorter, and there’s talk everywhere about early apples being ready- and it’s not quite September. And the Vermont State Fair in Rutland starts this weekend. Wow. But I use these all as reminders to enjoy every beautifully warm day we get.

With everything that’s been in my head lately, I’ve been painstakingly trying to pick just one action that I can economically and environmentally improve upon. I’ve already done as much as I can about heat, I recycle a LOT, and water consumption, well, at the risk of sounding ignorant and insensitive about the issue, I don’t care about it. That’s right, I probably “waste” a lot of water, but up here, we really do not have to worry about supply! And, for heaven sake, I work at a water testing laboratory, can you imagine how much we “waste” there? Trust me, water use is not a concern to me at this point in time. Water rant aside, I still wanted to find something. Food was high up on the list, but I’m still trying to work that out slowly- a sudden drastic change can be impossibly hard and expensive. And then it came to me. Electicity- what better way to reduce my electric consumption (and don’t forget, my bill) than to change my old regular lightbulbs with those new fangle-dangled energy efficient ones?

You know what I’m talking about, those funky looking compact fluorescent light bulbs that are energy star approved? Those funny things that never seem to fit into normal lighting fixtures so you get frustrated and throw them out- oh but you can’t throw them out, because they have mercury in them and should really be recycled- but it’s hard to find a recycling center that will take them. Can you hear the frustration and skepticism in my writing? I had tried them a number of years ago, and never found the right place for them. So, like a horrible environmentalism, I’ve shoved them out of my mind. That is, until recently.

I had discovered that they are now offering them in new styles- ones that will actually fit into regular light fixtures and look normal. And, after talking to a good friend (thanks Tasha) it sounds like they are actually pretty decent. And, even though my electric bill is quite low, they are suppose to use 75% less energy than a regular bulb. That’s quite a reduction, worth atleast a couple bucks saved a month, right? Besides, I’ll deal with the recycling of them when they die in a few YEARS. 🙂

So I’m going to try them. I’ll start with only one or two, but I’ve made a list of all the lights in our place, so I can make sure all are accounted for. Then, if all works out, and I replace all of them, we’ll see if it makes any difference in the electric bill. Here we go!

One thought on “A Lightbulb Goes On

  1. That’s so awesome that you’re switching over! Right now I know that Home Depot has a bit of a sale on them. (At least the Maine Home Depots due.) Sorry we haven’t gotten that write up to you, btw. Things got a little..crazy around here.

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