Taking Advantage of Local

Vermont’s fruit season arrived faster than I thought, but now that it’s here, I’m taking advantage of its bounty. Yesterday my husband and I started out morning out with 40 minutes of strawberry picking up at Wellwood Orchards in Springfield. One mounded flat later, we walked out of there with more than enough strawberries to gorge ourselves on all week, a night of daiquiris, a gift for a friend, and six two-cup bags for later use that will be placed in the freezer.

Not only are they better tasting than those bought in the supermarket, they support local farmers which support your community’s economy, and they are WAY cheaper! How much so? Those large plastic containers (a quart I think) cost usually close to $4.00 in the supermarket. I would estimate that we picked close to the equivalent of ten of those silly plastic containers- maybe more, maybe less, I’m a horrible guesser. But let’s say ten- that would be $40.00 for all that. How much did all of those strawberries cost us? Less than $20.00! The total was around $18.00 for all that. Can you imagine? Getting all that for so little?! Not only do we have plenty to enjoy now, it leaves us with even more for later use for cooking with, or we love to use them for smoothies through the summer, fall, and if we are lucky, in the winter too! So there you have it, a practical, cheap, and environmentally and local friendly practice. Way to feel good about a choice!

I have to post a few more pictures of a cute and amazing little tool I picked up at the same time we paid for our berries. It’s made specifically for hulling strawberries and only cost me $0.99! If you’re interested, click the “more” link below to see this super great little guy!

So hulling isn’t that hard, I know. You take a little knife, cut and scoop, you’re done. But if you’re not careful, you can get yourself, and, it’s not really kid friendly. Check this out!

So this is the little guy. You use it kind of like a pair of tweezers. Use it to grab the green leaves in addition to the harder white top, twist, pull, done. So easy, your kids (or reluctant husbands) can do it. See the next few pictures below to see the steps.

Isn’t that great? I thought so. Quite the $0.99 cent investment. I had the husband try it, but he thought I was doing such a great job of cleaning, hulling, and preparing for freezing, that he didn’t want to “mess it up”. Sounds like an excuse to me. So he went out on the porch and painted for awhile instead. At least his energy was spent well elsewhere. 🙂

One thought on “Taking Advantage of Local

  1. I see that tool doing many other things!

    Lemon/citrus seed picker-outer

    Herb clipper/grabber
    Rosemary, oregano stripper

    Clam, mussel, shell fish crabber/server

    tape picker-offer, scrapper, grabber

    Ice cube pincher, and other single portion server that isn’t exactly necessary, but fun to do when no one is looking OR when everyone is looking to be unnecessary, hostess, and funny.

    Is it sharp enough to open boxes, or letters?

    Skeevy husband boxers picker upper to get him to laugh, and possibly do laundry… or at least get the dirtys to the right place 😉

    I’m in an “alternative use” kick… don’t mind me lol.

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