Porch Gardening Update

I realized this afternoon that it had been almost a month since I last posted a photo as to the progress of my experimental plantings, so that must be remedied! All three are growing well, but I can see why you would want to space them out in a real garden setting. The chives are coming up a little thin, but that’s not a real problem, the spinach is really branching out, and the rainbow Swiss chard is really taking off! I’m sure we could eat the spinach right now (why not, baby spinach is very popular) and the chives are ready whenever, but I would much rather prefer waiting another couple weeks before indulging if I can.

Spinach, Rainbow Swiss Chard, Chives

So there you have it, porch gardening is possible, though not the same as real in ground gardening. I’m just relieved that I have a green thumb! Whew! I kind of like this kind of thing and am definitely looking into some gardening books. When I find some, and if they are helpful and enjoyable, I’ll be sure to post them here.

One thought on “Porch Gardening Update

  1. I said the chives were going to come up a little thin (or at least I feel like I said that)

    Don’t worry one little bit.

    I’ve learned that with garlic, and sometimes onions… the smaller, sometimes the more potent. Those little chives will stand up to the big ones I promise.
    Just like elephant garlic has a VERY mild taste, and those teeeny slivers of garlic in a regular size bulb actually have MORE flavor.


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