Economic Changes: Introduction

We hear it every day. No matter where you choose to get your news, there is always talk about how the economy is changing. Typically, it’s for the worse. As oil prices rise, so do the prices of fuel and food. As costs are increasing, bills jump, savings drop, and everything that we thought we had a grasp on begins to slip away. The housing market is down. No one wants to give out loans anymore. Bill collectors seem to be everywhere. And despite what anyone says, it’s hard to adjust quick enough to cope with all this.

We are creatures of comfort and habit. If someone tells us that we have to change something we do in a manner that makes one aspect of our life a little less convenient, we tend to have a problem with that. So when our life demands that we change everything we do, all at once, and in a manner that can seem almost painful, we freak out. Thanks to our oil-reliant nation, many of us are at a point where we’re screaming for help.

Many of us are facing situations that we can’t easily change. How can you carpool or bike to work when you live in the middle of nowhere? How do you reduce your gasoline consumption when you live far from everything? How do you change your heating choices when you live in an apartment? And what do you do when you have a small budget and all the advisable changes that are meant to “help” and way out of reach?? I face these problems everyday and am trying to challenge them. The next few entries will address some of these problems.

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